When SMART meets BHAG

It’s the Time of the year where organizations and individuals work hardest towards meeting the goals set for the financial year, the performance, pressure, excitement, stress and fight for visibility is the maximum during Q4 in a typical Corporate

While it’s necessary to set very SMART goals for teams irrespective of the department, function and industry, it’s questionable if SMART can generate the excitement and motivate teams to perform at a breakthrough, dramatic, revolutionary level

 (SMART is a mnemonic acronym, giving criteria to guide in the setting of objectives, for example in project management, employee-performance management and personal development. The letters S and M usually mean specific and measurable, the most common version has the remaining letters referring to attainable, relevant and time-bound)

SMART may work for the average, task oriented and disciplined co-workers but can become rather mundane, dull and rhetoric for the driven, supercharged, aggressive and ambitious high potential resources who belong to the Type A personality

Organizations today need a fair number of aggressive individuals who are able to drive their competitive, rather pugnacious targets. There is an increase in the number of individuals who want to make a “dent in the universe” and that’s when BHAG comes to rescue

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, an idea conceptualized in the book, “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” by James Collins and Jerry Porras. According to Collins and Porras, BHAG is a long-term goal that changes the very nature of a business' existence.

Setting Audacious goals makes high potential resources feel worthwhile and respect their work life, merely meeting sales numbers or increasing bottom line cannot manage to excite them alone.

If they are motivated to be a part of a larger story like taking the product to global level, becoming best in industry or contributing xyz% to the Industry business, the results would cause a ripple effect in the entire organization.

In times when individuals spend majority of their productive time in office, Goals have to touch the individuals’ lives than just becoming a metric to evaluate how much salary / bonus/ equity they would earn in the following year.

The increase in the number of Entrepreneurs is a supportive evidence that Individuals desire life changing Big Hairy Audacious Goals 


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JobFactors & AirCTO for a seamless Recruitment

Rain, Hail or Storm, Sourcing Selection & Interviewing at JobFactors is still on 

We are based out of Mumbai and even in incessant rains, we continued to recruit for our clients spread across the county & overseas thanks to our tech enabled partnerships

AirCTO helped us schedule & hold interviews by connecting the technical evaluation panels on video interviews

Like we always say :


"You are as good as the panel who interview the people you hire"

There are several recruitment solutions and partners available in the market today to help Organizations search the candidate fit for their open positions, it's easy today to line up scores of candidates for one open position within a couple of hours , new age technology and faster applicant tracking systems also help making coordination simpler, faster and effective
The candidates walking in to your office are generally active job seekers and if you have engaged with a good sourcing partner ( like jobfactors ) the first screening and culture check has already been done , what remains is the correct interview process , is your panel technically strong enough to interview your would be employees ? Is the panel aware of what the KRAs of the open position demand in terms of technical know how ? Not always the organisations have the right team in house to have this in depth evaluation process ,

Our partners AirCTO provide just that .
AirCTO enables JobFactors to help clients interview their job applicants with a panel of technical experts 
Their professionalism also brings about a sense of seriousness amongst the interviewees and also helps build the image of the Organization being interviewed for

Try their introductory plans to experience excellence in the technical evaluation process




IT industry’s boom, dynamism and escalated growth has now changed the entire gamut of hiring into a “Number Game”. Huge targets, mass scale recruitment, regular walk-in drives have become the new rule of the game. As we all believe - Time is Money! Best results with the least time invested is the common expectation.

Competition is fierce from the time a Child starts school. India produces more than 1.5 million Engineering graduates in a year. There are close to 1,00,000 new firms that open every year. Large IT organizations add at least 40 – 50K to their population every year. Since the appetite is so large, how do we ensure, we have hired the best or the cream?

As Talent Acquisition Professionals, constantly running after huge numbers, are we somewhere losing out on the Quality Hires? High pressure targets, limited time-lines and multiple competitors -  who are waiting to grab the opportunity that you have lost -  have some where diluted our stand from hiring only the “Best-Fit” to the “Near-Fit” or “Maybe-Fit”.

Our Industry’s greatest wealth is their manpower – We, as gatekeepers, should ensure that we let in only the Best. It is important for all of us recruiters to find our own solutions to the below questions

  1. How well equipped are we to play the game – market knowledge, sourcing techniques, technology support
  2. What percentage of the working population can be actually termed as Quality and how do we identify them?
  3. What innovative hiring techniques can be used to attract the best talent in this market of cut-throat competition?
  4. How often do we put our foot down and reject a below average candidate even though we are missing out on our target numbers?
  5. What are the different channels / forums to find the cream talent
  6. Do we have a unique employee value proposition to offer a worthy candidate?

The key here is to partner closely with the Business:  Understanding one’s own organization, its business and services is a pre-requisite to be able to market the Role/Opening well to a worthy candidate. This may also help us understand who would/would not be the “Best Fit”.

This, being a highly debatable topic, there could be multiple solutions, opinions, questions and perceptions coming out of each one of our individual experiences. But one thing that we need to be sure about is “In doing what we are doing, what are we really doing?”


Long working hours, crowd management, lost weekends, joy when your candidate joins, disappointment of losing a candidate to a competitor, the long negotiations on salary, designation, documents, anxiety till your candidate joins, expectation management of our stakeholders…these are some of the daily life situations of a recruiter.

This is a life full of Ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges, sense of achievement and satisfaction - at times it may literally want to make us pull our hair right off. Recruitment - probably one of the only HR functions that gives you all of these emotions - sometimes all in the same day J

How often have we come across these unrealistic expectations from our Hiring Manager?

  1. All in One candidate – The requirements put up by our beloved hiring managers is no less difficult that finding a combination of Superman, Batman and Spiderman in one person.
  2. No one can have just one – After all the hard work, sleepless nights, drives, negotiations we manage to dig out one candidate. But alas, we have just proven that we can do more! And the story continues.
  3. But we need them to join as soon as Yesterday! – identifying a good candidate and making an offer does not give us the much needed rest till their joining. As soon as the offer is out. There comes the next demand – let’s have him on boarded ASAP.
  4. That’s a bit too expensive – Finding the right person alone is not enough. He/She must also fit the bill in terms of compensation.

I’m sure the list is endless and there are many more from candidates and Leads. Nevertheless, this is the most dynamic, effervescent, trend setting and challenging fraternity to be part of. There is something new to be learnt every day. Be it – new skills/ technologies, upcoming organizations, competitor strategies, marketing channels, Social Media, Branding, Candidate management…and the list is endless. The Learning curve never stops – as long as we are open to challenges, changes and adapting to trends.

At the end of the day, we can sleep with the satisfaction of having made a difference to someone by offering a Job.

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JobFactors & AirCTO for a seamless Recruitment

Rain, Hail or Storm, Sourcing Selection & Interviewing at JobFactors is still on 

We are based out of Mumbai and even in incessant rains, we continued to recruit for our clients spread across the county & overseas thanks to our tech enabled partnerships

AirCTO helped us schedule & hold interview…

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