Build |Engage | Retain

We at JobFactors believe in active candidate engagement right from the first contact with the job seeker, we source the right talent by ensuring necessary checks on interest level, technical ability, behavioral and culture fit.

Our sourcing skills include high quality internet search, social media profiling, Industry networking and sometimes we end up applying our understanding of human psychology :)

That’s how we close high priority positions for corporates and have helped start-up enterprises build a robust team from the scratch 

Build your team

Whether it’s finding the right match to your niche skill positions or attracting the right candidates to apply in masses for your jobs or setting up the entire team of diverse skill sets in a short span of time, we do it all

􀂃 Specialized Headhunting

􀂃 Mass recruitment

􀂃 Recruitment for Niche skills

Handle your team

Don’t have time and/or expertise to draft robust HR policies and process? Leave the job to us

Our HR Consulting model helps enterprises with their

1. Compensation Structure design, and Offer roll out

2. Documentation, On-boarding & Induction

3. HR Policies and Procedures

4. Performance Management

5. Appraisals and Salary Increments

Retain your talent pool

We help you keeping your employee morale high by our

1. Employee engagement plan and related tie ups

2.Training & Development

3.High potential resource mapping by our Assessment center 




 Rahul Gowardhan - Director and Consulting Head

Col. Rahul Gowardhan (Retd), joined as the first Executive Director (HR) of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company, Mumbai (MSEDCL) which is the largest electricity distribution company of Asia, having employees strength of over 70,000. He also held the office of Director (HR)  of Orange  City Water Pvt. Ltd., a French collaboration company.

He is associated with top HR consultants like KPMG, IBPS and handled assignments of PSUs like, Indian Oil, Bharat Electronics Ltd and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and many private sector companies to include,   Sterlite Copper, Shadeed Jindal, Oman, Hindustan  Zinc, BALCO , Vedanta Goa  and  TSPL.

His expertise includes training in leadership, team building, personality development and assessment center. He has been actively participating in seminars and discussions as a chair person / speaker at National & International level. Some of them were organized by World H.R.D. Congress, USAID, IUKAN, IBPS, Bengal Chamber of Commerce  and Power line and People Matters magazines.

His contribution to H.R profession has been well recognized and he was awarded with H.R. Leadership Award by Asia Pacific Congress, Leadership & Inspiration Award by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Pride of H.R. Profession at Human Capital Summit, Pune. His name was also included in the list of “Most Powerful HR Professionals of India” at Asia Pacific Congress 2012.


Priyanka Menon - Senior Headhunter , Recruitment , Compensation

Recruitment ninja who excelled at cajoling top brass talent towards job openings .A hands on IT  person who understands technology and helps map right talent towards senior job position.  Her agility and market intelligence has helped her close 700+  vanilla and 50+ Niche skills positions .

A Social media propagator , avid blogger .Trained classical singer with new found love in Zumba. Just a car and music collection away from an unplanned road trip. Enjoys freedom to ideate  & innovate @ work ,sips gallons of coffee everyday 




 Roma Vaidya - Manpower Planning, Employer Branding, OD Intervention 


Human Resources crackerjack with 10+ years of experience in HR , She has  a flair for branding  and a degree in communication which helped her run world class recruitment initiatives . Analyzing data & creating measurable metrics to monitor project performance is  her  cup of tea & has helped Businesses improve their bottom line by optimizing manpower . An Evangelist and key person to push world record breaking registration for a global coding contest  . A  well traveled  army brat who enjoys running and swimming , her inner sanctum lies underwater 







   Moushumi Saini Training & Development 

  Moushumi comes with a rich experience of Corporate training, she has helped 500+ professionals hone their skills & scores of organizations    to develop employee competencies . Her Sales experience makes it easy to connect with Sales & Distribution teams to achieve higher levels     of training effectiveness and deliver great results . At JobFactors ,Moushumi also helps in headhunting top talent for organizations and create   a win-win for all stakeholders. A child at heart, who enjoys "living the moment" and a travel freak, she has traveled 22 countries in 4 continents! 





Team Members


      Bhuvana Prabhakaran                                                                                                             Priya Nandu

     Frany Shah                                                                                                                                    Sayali Gowardhan         

    Sunita More                                                                                                                                     Surabhi Paranjpe



  Nidhi Bhatt

We at JobFactors believe that quality sourcing starts with strong Employer Branding. A genuine Employer Value Proposition is instrumental to identify the talent who will fit the role as well as connect with your culture to help you build a sustainable  & happy workforce .Common HR challenges faced by organizations are poor sourcing, faulty screening , poor role mapping, mis-selling, lack of interviewing skills ,disengaged candidates

On the other hand its equally challenging to retain talent unless the employees find learning opportunity, growth & support from the organization's ecosystem , we help you craft your HR policies and align your processes to create an environment of learning, collaboration & growth

Even if you have only a few employees, it’s not too early to start investing in their professional growth. The more skills, experience and abilities your staff members have, the more they can increase productivity, reduce costs and come up with new ideas for boosting sales and profitability. Use proven methods to improve your human resources to get the most out of your workers.

We are committed to help our partners overcome  HR challenges and help them save time , effort and capital by building a happy workforce;